The 5 traits that colleges are looking for in your supplemental essays
Discover how to answer the three most common supplemental essay prompts
Developing content for your supplemental essays
Learn the top three writing styles and find out which style works best for your essay success
How to structure your essays

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Tue, October 10, 2023
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM CST

This 60-minute virtual event is designed to educate high school seniors on formulating stand out supplemental essays by staying on point with your topic and writing a compelling story.


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What Students & Parents Are Saying

HelloCollege provided services to me throughout my college process that were essential to my success in searching for a college. They provided organization and guidance, which made the stressful and chaotic college process less daunting. HelloCollege went above and beyond and taught me the professionalism and skills that I will use after my college experience as well. I’m extremely happy with my choice and the path that I am on, and especially thankful for HelloCollege getting me here.

Tess Sobol, University of Illinois

Our daughter was in the top of her class with a bright future academically. My husband and I, having no experience and very little knowledge in the college selection process, wanted to make sure she had the best guidance possible. We were extremely grateful for the expertise the HelloCollege team provided. Utilizing their services alleviated a lot of stressful conversations with our daughter about deadlines and keeping on task. The skill set she acquired during the process from interviewing skills to professional prep will be key in the years to come. Kevin Krebs was always available to answer everything from simple things to complicated personal financial questions. Their program was worth every penny spent!

Nora Sobol, Mother of Tess

HelloCollege was instrumental in my success in getting into my #1 and #2 schools, as well as my top two back-up schools. It was very helpful for me to have the various commitments on a schedule, such as the ACT/SAT test prep and essay writing. It kept me on track and relieved a lot of the stress of the process since I knew tasks were not falling through the cracks. The essay workshops and my essay coach were extremely helpful in shaping my ideas into compelling essays. Through HelloCollege, I also made invaluable connections that helped me to create a unique “stand out” submission that I feel made a huge positive impact on my application portfolio. Finally, I feel like the staff at HelloCollege really cares about my success and took extra time to make sure that I achieved my college admission goals. Thank you HelloCollege!

Elaine C., Hinsdale Central grad - Attending Notre Dame

HelloCollege helped me manage the stress of the entire college application process from test prep to writing numerous supplemental essays. The guidance I received through the program helped make tough decisions throughout the process easier, which led me to a university program that is the perfect fit for me.

Lindsay Peters, University of Illinois

I would highly recommend hello college. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience with the entire staff from top to bottom. ‘Kevin is very helpful and definitely cares about his students.

Stephen Cummings, Parent, Lyons Township High School-Indiana University